Glen-L  Alpha II for sale

"Mary E"



The Mary E is located in Michigan.  Sale includes trailer, Minn-Kota electric motor, oars, sails, ready to row sail or power!


Tom Strong
1747 Littlestone Rd.
Grosse Pointe Woods, MI

Building the Glen-L Alpha II, "Mary E"

 1.) Fabricating small part & pieces   7.) It's a boat!
 2.) Building the "jig"   8.) Fiberglassing
 3.) Stem   9.) Uprighting the boat
 4.) Chines & Shears  10.) The painted boat
 5.) Planking  11.) Rowing the boat
 6.) Sailing the boat!  12.)  Under Electric power
13.)  New for 2001 14.) New for 2002 

   Click HERE to see a movie of the Mary E sailing!   or HERE

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